Saturday, June 20, 2009

Review of Fat Camp

Summary from the back cover:
The sent me to lose some weight... Camp! Songs by the fire, first kisses, summer fun... but not at Camp Calliope, prison came for the overweight. That's where my parents have shipped me off to eat controlled portions, endure rigorous exercise, and sleep in a room full of girls who'd rather exchange recipes than ghost stories and gossip. There is one cool girl from Texas, Faith Masters, who is normal enough to help me stay sane and temporarily replace my best friend Evie. How I miss Evie. And ice cream. And french fries...
but I feel like I'm losing my mind.
And then there's Jesse- the only thing even close to droolworthy on this camp's menu. I can totally relate to him, since his basketball coach sounds a lot like my perfectly thin, successful mom. It looks like for the next eight weeks the issues( and not the food) on my plate will be supersized...

My Review:
This book was a cute book about summer camp for kids who have to lose a few pounds. The main character Cameron is funny at times the way she describes people. The camp is eight weeks and she meets a lot of interesting people including a girl who has Bulimia. She also discovers a lot about herself and even gets a boyfriend. By the time the summer ends she finds out who her real friends are. I think this book is good for anyone who has a child who is a little on the heavy side and thinking about sending them to camp. It gives them a little insight to what goes on at the camps. Cam is a character they can relate to.

I give this book a 4/5

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