Friday, June 19, 2009


Since I forgot to post my goals here they are:

1. Catch up on all my reviews so I won't be so overwhelmed next month
2. Update my blog picture
3. Catch up on my memes
4. Learn ways of making my blog more appealing
5. Watch Dial M for Murder and review it for the weekly discussion for MY Friend Amy
6. Do at least 2 mini-challenges
7. Complete all the above goals.


heidenkind said...

I plan on watching Dial M for Murder, too. I just have to go pick it up from the library today.

Shelley said...

Catching up on my reviews so I'm not overwhelmed is my main goal too. I find when I get behind, my blog is stressful rather than fun!

Shannansbooks said...

Heidenkind did you get to watch Dial M for Murder its wonderful.

Shelly I understand what you mean by making it stressful. I am happy to say after this I have a lot of less stress.