Thursday, June 4, 2009

Review of Faith and Pop Culture

How does Pop Culture effect our faith? Faith and Pop Culture attempts to tell us how it can be both positive and negative.

In Faith and Pop Culture the splits the pop culture medium into eight sessions. This is written to be done as an eight week course for a small group. Obviously, I did not read it with a group nor did I take eight weeks to review it.

The eight sections in this book are about; art, literature, sports, television, family friendly entertainment, violence in entertainment, Christianity in entertainment industry and compatibility with faith. These sections are well-written and start out with one to three passages from the Bible that help enhance the material presented.

How this works is that you have an article to read before you come to the meeting. When you start the meeting you have an Opener where you are given two options on how to start the group. Next section is called the issue which has questions on what was presented in the article. Then you are to reflect on the passages from the Bible that corresponds with that section(Have a Bible handy). Next, you are to explore them and how they related to the article and medium discussed. Each section ends with a going forward which goes deeper into the discussion and beyond.

Overall, this would be a great book for a small group and the material presented is fair. I would recommend this book for my church group. I would also be interested in the rest of the books this series has to offer.

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