Friday, June 19, 2009

Update for Bloggiesta

Its been 13 hours since I have started the Bloggiesta and here is my update

Reviews done: 6
Mini-Challenges: 1
Blog Improvements: A grade badge and added a new challenge to my sidebar.

I think I was kind of productive today. I will see how tomorrow goes. I am having a time with my feeder so I might have to do my feed manually which I am sometimes to lazy to do. Wish me luck.

Have a good night and see you in the morning


heidenkind said...

That's pretty good. So far I've only written 3 blog posts, so you've definitely been productive.

gaby317 said...

Completing 6 reviews is VERY productive! Congratulations!

I just stopped by prompted by the challenge that Fizzy Thoughts set out and wanted to congratulate you on what you've gotten done so far!

I noticed you're a First Looker too - did you enjoy Of Bees and Mist? I really did.

Haiku Amy said...

Great Job! I only got two reviews done. I should have done more, but got held up on blog template stuff. Anyway, I like historical fiction too. It's pretty fascinating stuff.

Shannansbooks said...

All of you are doing well. I did mini posts for most of them before and just continued on that and add my commentary.

Gaby: I did enjoy Bee in the Mist and I still reading it cause I have other books I am reading at the same time. I love that book and have been promoting it via word of mouth.

Haiku Amy: template stuff does take awhile and I have to work on my stuff too. I just mainly focused on reviews because I was so far behind and stopped in between for a little sprucing up on my blog. Still have tons of work to do for that one