Friday, June 19, 2009

Review of Emerald City of Oz


Join Dorothy and the Wonderful Wizard as they take Aunt Em and Uncle Henry on a fabulous tour of Oz. During their journey they encounter such amazing and amusing people as King Kleaver with his Spoon Brigade and Miss Cuttenclip of the land of paper dolls. But while Dorothy and her friends play, the wicked Nome King has joined forces with the terrible Whimsies, the fearsome Growleywogs, and the evil Phanfasms in a plot to capture the Emerald City. Will Dorothy's friends discover the danger before it's too late?

My Review:

This was a quick read that I received over a couple of weeks via Daily Lit. It had two plots running throughout the novel but they were not confusing. The first one being Dorothy,her Aunt and Uncle moving to Oz because they have lost their farm due to finances. This type of situation is relevant now because their are lot of people losing their home due to recession but unfortunately they do not move to a happy place like OZ. The plot featuring the Knome King was about the Knome King upset because he felt that Ozma in the Emerald City took a belt he felt was rightfully his. This is sort of like two children fighting over something and one being the better party in the situation and figuring out what to do themselves. So a lot of this story can be used as a teaching lesson for your children. I though some the parts of the story were funny and that most kids would love to imagine their utensils talking. Overall a very engaging read.

I give this a 5/5


heidenkind said...

Looks like a cute book!

Shannansbooks said...

It is and a cute story.