Monday, May 25, 2009

Review of Girls in Trucks

From the Back Cover:
Never Chase Men or Buses. Don't let yourself be seen in a truck in town. These are simple rules passed down through generations of Camellias, one of the oldest debutante societies in Charleston. Sarah Walters is a member of this antiquated club-whether she like it or not. The society is a privilege one is born to, an it offers rules of etiquette meant to prepare a girl for a charmed life with an appropriate husband. The only problem is, Sarah has a tendency to make life choices that are anything but polite. With biting humor and keen observation, Katie Crouch takes Sarah from a sweaty-palmed eighth-grader at Cotillion dancing lessons to a slightly numb thirty-five-year-old living in New York City. It takes a strange turns of events to make Sarah realize that as much as she tries to deny it, where she comes from will always affect where she ends up.

My Review:

While I liked this book, I think it skipped around a lot. It was like she went from 13 to 25 in two chapters with out really getting to know her. This book left a lot of my questions unanswered about some of the characters. I know her sister got married a few times but did she ever marry the international guy? Why does a girl who is supposed to be the upper crust of society have such a potty mouth. What made her go wild with her relationships?

Some good points:
The depth of emotions of the characters were so vivid.
This is definitely a page turner

Some bad points:

Unnecessary profanity
Jumping around
Unanswered questions

Would I read something else by this author? Yes.

Overall I give this 3.5/5


Jess said...

Glad to see that you liked this book, I just received a copy yesterday.

Shannansbooks said...

Its a fast read. Faster than what I am used to. Most of what I read are slower reads because they are classics from the Victorian Era.