Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Review of Complete Illustrated Guide of The Presidents of America by Professor Jon Roper

From the Back Cover:
A comprehensive visual encyclopedia of every American President from George Washington to the present -day incumbent.

Each President is presented within the context of the major contemporary social, political and economic events that helped to shape the nation, as well as the international developments and relations that have affected the course of world history.

Special feature boxes present essential facts about each of the Presidents, including their political and military careers prior to the presidency , as well as their family backgrounds, education and religion.

Stunningly illustrated with more than 460 photographs, fine-art paintings, election campaign posters and maps.

About the Author from the inside cover:

Professor Jon Roper received a BA honors degree in philosophy, politics and economics at St. Catherine's College, Oxford, UK , and a doctorate at Georgetown University, Washington,D.C., before becoming a lecturer in the Department of Political Theory and Government at Swansea University, Wales. In 1966 he was made head of the Department for American Studies and was appointed professor of the department in 2005. He has a special interest in the presidency, the impact of war on politics and society, and Anglo-American political ideas.

My Review:

I would have to say that this book is well-written and researched. The author has a lot of knowledge about his subject. I learn a lot about the presidents and some facts I knew and some facts that I did not know. For example: Even though Reagan was Republican he modeled his Presidency after FDR.

In this book it contains information about their wives and key events that happened throughout their Presidency. The Pictures in the book were gorgeous and this book makes an excellent collectible. It should also be used as a reference for your children if they have projects etc.

Overall I rate this book a 4.5 out of 5 because their are some editorial spelling mistakes in some chapters.

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