Friday, January 1, 2010

The Wildflowers (Misty) by V.C. Andrews Review #1

This one will not count for any challenges since I started it in 2009 but it is my first review of the year and my first completion for 2010.
FCC disclosure: Also I checked this book out from the library so this review has not basis towards the author or publishing company.

From the Back Cover:
All Misty ever wanted was a normal family. But like so mamy others, Misty's parents did not stay together. Now they use Misty to hurt each other, to deliver tiny cruelties in an endless stream. Misty knows her parents might lover her. But Misty has an unspeakable secret that burns in the core of her very being: she hates them. Misty isn't as a lone as she thinks. She's about to meet three other girls who are just like her each one with their own dark secrets to share

My Review:
This book started out a little slow but it quickly picked up my interest by the 4th chapter. All I can say is that Misty went through a lot when her parents divorced. This novel is a great indicator of what could go wrong with a child when parents do not take the time with their child when the are going through a divorce. Her parents were so wrapped up in their own lives and blaming each other that they did not see that poor Misty was crying out for help. Misty's story is a real eye opener to me. I am looking forward to reading the other books in the series to see how the other girls in the story's life shapes up.

I give this book a 4/5

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