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Frankenstein The Graphic Novel by Mary Shelley Review #14

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Reading level: Young Adult

Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Classical Comics (January 6, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1906332509
ISBN-13: 978-1906332501


Conceived as part of a literary game among friends in 1816, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is today regarded as a classic piece of 19th century literature. The story begins with the journey of an adventurer, Robert Walton, who saves the life of a man at the North Pole. That man, Victor Frankenstein, tells Walton about his experiments with the creation of life and how he ended up at the North Pole. Through this simple plot device, Shelley was able to deal with serious real-world issues like acceptance, tolerance, and understanding, as well as the universal human need for companionship and love. The novel, of course, inspired a host of films, from the 1931 classic starring Boris Karloff to Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein, and more recently, a series of novels by Dean Koontz. This version, though slightly abridged, retains much of the original dialogue and remains true to Shelley’s brilliant vision.

My Review:
This is beautifully illustrated book. The writing was not the original words but it stayed true to the story. I have read the original about 3 years ago. This is the story of Dr. Frankenstein who decides to make a human after seeing a lightening storm little did he know what he was getting himself into.

Frankenstien is a reread for me but in a different version. After this second reading I have learned to appreciate Frankenstein even though it is not one my favorite books. The pictures in this novel brought Mary Shelley's vision to life right before your eyes. I would recommend it for a teenager who is studying her novel to gain a better understanding of the text but this should not be used in studying for a test because it is Not the original work.

I rate this 3/5

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