Monday, January 11, 2010

Mail Box Mondays

This is a weekly meme hosted by Marcia of The Printed Page.

I only received one book this week that I had won from the RRReadathon hosted by Dreadlock Girl.

The book I received this week is:

The Chic Shall Inherit The Earth by Shelly Adina

Product Description
Lissa Mansfield has come a long way since transferring to SpencerAcademy two years ago. She's made a great group of friends in Gillian, Carly, Mac, and Shani. She's strengthened and grown her relationship with God. She's even gotten over the Callum McCloud "incident" from her first semester. Now, she's ready to graduate and take on college life!
Or is she? With her parents' relationship still on the rocks and the girls about to separate as they head to different colleges, Lissa is faced with some of her biggest challenges yet in her last term at Spencer. Will Lissa put her faith in God to carry her through these difficult times?

About The Author: is a world traveler and pop culture junkie with an incurable addiction to designer handbags. In between books, Shelley loves traveling, listening to and making music, and watching all kinds of movies.

What did you receive this week in your mailbox?


Mary said...

Hope it's an enjoyable book!

Alayne said...

Hope you like it! Just one for me at The Crowded Leaf.

April said...

Congrats on the win! Enjoy!

Shannansbooks said...

I hope I do too. I have to get ahold of the one before this one. I have many good things about this series.