Monday, January 18, 2010

What are you reading Mondays

This is a weekly meme brought to you by J-Kaye

This week I completed:
Betsy Was A Junior by Maud Hart Lovelace
Coraline by Neil Gaiman
Beowulf by Gareth Hinds
The Metamorphosis by Frank Kafka

What I am currently reading:
Nancy Drew Mystery Stories The Hidden Staircase

What is up next:
War of Worlds by H.G. Wells
Frankenstein by Mary Shelly (Graphic Novel)
Graphic Classic by O'Henry
Nancy Drew Mystery Stories The Bungalow Mystery.

What are you reading this week?


Anonymous said...

Yah for Nancy The Hardy Boys too. ;)

gautami tripathy said...

I need to re-read Kafka!

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