Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Review of Fearless by Max Lucado

My Review: This is a book about conquering your fears. The author incorporates Bible passages to help inspire you and to let you know that Jesus too had these fears and he overcame them through the power of prayer. Each chapter contains a different kinds of fears in a very relatable way. The chapters are short and to the point and the author incorporates humor at times. At the end of this book is a discussion guide that you can use for yourself or with a group. It come with a mini book that summarizes the chapters but I did not get a chance to read that.

My thoughts on this book is that is was one of the best non-fiction inspirational books I have read in a long time. He grabs you with the first sentence. He writing style is straight-forward and to the point and never dull. He incorporates the bible verse without sounding too preachy. I would recommend to anyone who is experiencing fear and or anxiety. Mr. Lucado has a lot of other books that I would love to read. I think he will quickly become my favorite author.

I rate this book a 5/5

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