Thursday, August 13, 2009

Review of The White Queen by Phillipa Gregory (ARC UK VERSION)

Ms. Gregory has done it again!!! She introduces us to Elizabeth Woodvilee, mother to the Princes in the tower and the future Elizabeth of York consort to Henry VII. She takes us from the time when she meets Prince Edward through the War of the Rose and ending with the mystery of the Princes in the Tower.

Ms. Gregory protrays Elizabeth as a strong woman who would stop at nothing ot protect her family. Edward is protrayed as a great warrior who's only weakness is women namely Jane Shore.

What I like about this book was that is was very engaging and the writing sucked you in form the very first sentence.

What I did not like about this book was that concentration on the Mesulina storyline. Elizabeth openly discussed it and in those days she would surely have been burned at the stake as forthcoming as she was with talking about it. Another thing I did not care for was how she incorporated Perkin Warbeck in the story of the Princes in Tower it was found that he was an imposter in the time of her son-in-law. The thing is her daughter and the young princes' sister were reign and surely should have recognized her own brother. The point is he was an imposter and Ms. Gregory should have known that. But she made it seem as he was the lost Prince Richard.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and yes, I understand its fiction and as with any fiction of an historical nature you can take liberties with the facts to make the story more appealing but some things just bugged me. This however did not decrease my enjoyment of this novel. Ms. Gregory will always be one of my favorite authors of English historical ficiton. Anyone who is a fan of hers would throughly enjoy this novel.

I rate this 4/5

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