Monday, August 17, 2009

Review of Read and Share Toddler Bible

Product Description
This new addition to the Read and ShareTM brand contains 40 stories plus a 60 minute DVD including bonus features just for toddlers.
The Read and Share Toddler Bible is a delightful way to introduce little ones ages one to four to God's Word. Gwen Ellis's engaging retelling of Bible stories along with Steve Smallman's colorful art communicate God's Word clearly to small tots with short attention spans. Stories from both the Old and New Testaments include all-time favorites ranging from Creation, Noah, Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, David, to Jesus' birth, miracles, death, and resurrection.
Bonus DVD includes stories and bonus features from the popular Read and ShareTM DVD Bible series. Each story is three minutes long to keep toddlers attention span engaged.

My Review:
Read and Share Toddler Bible is a children's book that introduces your toddler to the wonderful stores of the Bible. This is geared toward Children ages 2-4

I found this book very interesting and my three year old daughter loved the stories. In fact, we read seeral of the stories in one day. The DVD that came with did not hold her attention much. It lacked the action thati s required to keep and active toddler entranced.

My eight year old enjoyed reading it to himself and enjoyed following in the book while the DVD was on. He was little disappointed when the DVD stopped abruptly.

I would recommend this to parents of small children who are interested in teaching their children the different storiesand lessons of the Bible.

I rate this book 4/5.

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