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James Cagney channels Busby Berkeley (who choreographs the stunning, kaleidoscopic dance routines) as a Broadway director who comes up with a scheme to break into movies through, well, stunning, kaleidoscopic dance routines. (Cagney even does some hoofing of his own.) Joan Blondell, Ruby Keeler and Dick Powell co-star in this musical extravaganza that includes such vintage songs as "Honeymoon Hotel," "Shanghai Lil" and "By a Waterfall."

My Review:
All I can say is wow. It reminds me of all the musicals I know and love. I had the idea to watch this after I saw the previews a thousand times waiting on the ride at MGM studios Ride the Movies.

This movie starts James Cagney and Joan Blondell. Most people, when they think of Cagney they think of the old gangster movies. This a refreshing look at him in a musical. Who knew he had dancing talent. Joan Blondell was good as well but this is my first movie of hers.

The muscial numbers were wonderful and excellently choreographed. They had tons of big showstoppers my favorite was Shanghai Lili and The Finale. Back in the 30's they used to have showgirls dance before the movies. It would have been fun if they did it still today.

The costumes even though this movie was in black/white were elegant with a little bit of sex appeal. The presenter of this this movies said this is before they had censorship on what ladies wear. As we know now those censors have been dropped and ratings added to movies.

Overall, I recommend it to people who love musicals and would love to view the history of musicals.


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