Monday, August 3, 2009

Movie Review: The Babysitters

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Shirley Lyner is your typical suburban student. She studies hard and baby-sits in her spare time to save money for college. But when Gail and Michael Beltran ask her to sit for them, her normal life will become wilder than she could ever imagine. Shirley and Michael begin a dangerous affair and he pays her a big tip to stay quiet. With her new found money and power Shirley decides to take her babysitting service to a whole other level when one of Michael s married buddies learns of his arrangement. With a calendar filled with student-babysitters and more married fathers than she and her friends can manage Shirley's life begins unravelling into a world of sex, money and greed. For this babysitter, getting into college is the least of her problems.

My Review:

I think this movie really disgusted me that grown men would prey on young teenage girls. The most disgusting part is that the director of the moview was the lead character. Mr. Lequizamo has lost all my respect.

This was recorded on my dvr before I knew the details of the movie. When I watched little did I know I was in for a shock.

I would not recommend this movie to any especially anyone with a teenage daughter.

1/5 for a disgusting concept of child exploitation.

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