Saturday, April 18, 2009

Updates for the 24 hr Reathon the first 3 hrs

Hour 1 update:
This hour I chose to read the Completed Illustrated Guide to Presidents of America by Professor Jon Roper. I only managed to read about 27 pages. Right now I am playing the role of a single parent since my hubby is deployed. So far its this book I have read through the Pre-Revolutionary war up to the the writing and signing of the Constitution I have not yet gotten to the start of the Presidents. I plan to read this book up to President Madison since that is how far I have gotten in the Presidents videos on the History Channel series.
So far everything is going great except for constant interruptions.

Pages read so far: 27pgs.

1. What I am reading today is stated above.
2. Three facts about me are I am doing this while my husband is deployed and my kids are around, I love to read and I will be tweeting my progress a little while doing this.
3. I have 8 book in my TBR pile will I finish them probably no where near.
4. My goals to make it through this challenge sane lol. I hope to read at least 1000pgs
5. I am a veteran and my advice is to take breaks and don't try to be superhero its alright if you need to sleep.

Hour 2
I have only managed to read 8 pages this hour again more interruptions I am at the point of frustration that my kids seem to be the only ones in America that can not entertain themselves and constantly fight each other. Any I have made it as far as how the electoral college was established into George Washington's Presidency to the duel of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr up to the beginning of the Presidency of John Adams. I learned that there was problems with with Bipartisanship even in the earlier days of the presidency.

Hour 3

I am almost to my daily goal for this particular book. I think I will finish my goal in the 4th hour. So far I have read 50 pages which is a long way from my goal hopefully my pace will pick up the book is a rather large book so it will take longer than a normal size book to read the pages. In the particular hour I read from the end of John Adams Presidency to the Beginning of James Madison's presidency.

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