Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hour 16

I did not read much this hour cause I stopped to do the mini-challenge which I really enjoyed. I also managed to clean my 3yr old daughters room and put her in the bed. So I only managed 10 pages this. In this part of the book it describes Queen Margret's household which includes Elizabeth Neville which you will find out is to become Queen of England. Then is was on to the fall of the Duke of Glochester now we are talking about the issues of the heirs of Henry VI.

Pages read 10
Time read 15 mins
Time doing other thins 45mins
Pages read so far 315

I am still reading War of the Rose and its getting more interesting by the page.


debnance said...

That sounds like a very big book. Brave of you!

Maree said...

Good going! :)