Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hours 7-8 of the #rrreadathon

Books read so far: 3

Number of pages read so far: 605pgs

Number of mins spent reading 570 mins

Food eaten so far 5 twizzlers and some potato casserole.

Up next is Betrayed by P.C and Kristen Cast. Which I will be reading over the next 3 hours. I will also have to take a break after my next update because it will be dinner time for the kids. Then hopefully get them in bed between 930 and 10pm.


cessie said...

Hey! You are doing well :). Wish you a great time reading all those books!
I'm enjoying the reading bt should do some blogging as well lol. I guess I will do that a bit later today.

Shannansbooks said...

I am better at reading than blogging as you can see I have so many reviews to write. I might just write a lot of many reviews over 10 posts or so and have 10 books per post