Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hours 19-20

Books read :10

Pages read so far: 1691

Minutes read:1130

Well everyon this it. I made it farther than I thought I was. Maybe next time will make it to 24. Everytime I have done this I have stayed up longer each time

Thank you Dreadlock girl for hosting this. I really enjoyed myself. I made my reading time goal but not my book goal but that is ok. I will do better next time but now I can barely keep

my yes open.


Rebecca :) said...

Wow I am majorly impressed by your reading skillz. I would have liked to participate but I was sick and haven't read anything since Thursday.

Shannansbooks said...

Thank for the comment and I hope you feel better. I am no where near the best but I am working on my speed reading skills for the next one.

cessie said...

Hey! The rrreadathon is over! And I loved it!
I enjoyed doing it with you and will keep an eye on your blog for reviews about the books you read!
But I guess you will have plenty to do at the moment so take your time!
Have a good week!