Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hours 15 and 16 of the #rrreadathon

Number of books read: 6

Number of pages read so far: 1241
Number of mins reading 990mins
No snacks these couple of hours but I did have a grape soda and a shower. I will take 15 min breaks of course every hour but trying to do some last minute cleaning before hubby comes home from Kansas. I have not seen him since July. Up next: A HARDY Boys Graphic novel and then another short Nancy Drew Girl Detective chapter book.
I wonder who is still up. These last few hours are the hardest the longest I have been up was till 4am I wonder if I will make it past that this time.


cessie said...

Still going strong!!
I'm still enjoying it very much as well. Must say it does give such a comforting feeling to be on the couch and just read till you cannot do no more lol.

Wow, you haven't seen your husband for a while. Mine does fly out often but not *that* long fortunately! Enjoy him having back...although one needs to adjust again after being apart ;-).

Enjoy your reading!!

Shannansbooks said...

Yeah it will be an adjustment but we are working on it. I have to give up some of my control with the kids.