Sunday, July 26, 2009

Review of Homer's Odyssey by Gwen Cooper

This is the story of Homer a small blind cat who came to live with the author. She tells the story of how she found him and how he taught her about life and love.

Imagine being blind then imagine how it feels for an animal. Your senses are heightened to accomodate for your disability. For cat who senses are already heightened imagine it was hypersensitive. This cat has never seen what it was like to see. He had to learn about the world in the dark. He had to learn through voices on whether the person likes you are not.

Ms. Cooper is a very likeable narrator she mixes humor with sadness and everything in between. You will find yourself falling in love with Homer and all her cats. Even people who do not like animals will fall for Homer after reading this book.

This book is very well written and straight from the heart. I would recommend this to any animal lover because it is truly and inspring story and its amazing what a little blind cat can teach you.

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heidenkind said...

The first dog I had when I was a kid was blind. It was really hard to play catch with her. =/ But as long as we didn't move the furniture around, she seemed to get navigate okay.