Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Review of Restoration London by Liza Picard

Summary from inside cover:

Liza Picard presents a picture of everyday life in seventeenth-century London in the remarkably through and informative book.

Making use of every possible comtemporary source diaries, almanacs, newspapers, advice books, government papers, even the Register of Patents. She shows just how the citizens of London lived in the 17th century.


I found that this was a very through and informative look at 17th century England. It was interesting how life was much harder for them that it is for us. Their hygenic practices made me wonder anyone came together in a intimate way. It is always amazing to see how far Medicine, Denistry and Psychiatry has evolved through the years. If you want an interesting look at social history of the world of Charles II this is the one. Well thought out and very well researched.

Rating 5/5

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