Sunday, October 21, 2007

Review of The Last Courts of Europe

Synopsis from the inside cover:

Monarchy,in these waning years of the twentieth century, counts for politically. A royal scowl no longer troubles a subjects sleep, nor can a decree from a throne alter the lives of millions. Indeed, there are not many kingdoms left; in the small corner of the globe, the number seems to stabalize at seven- Great Britain, Holland, Belgium, Norway,Denmark, Sweden and Spain. But this population of sitting monarchs is unlikely to dwindle rapidly.

My Review:
This was an interesting pictorial look at the Heads of the Houses of Europe. It also includes the now extinct dynasties of the Romanovs , Hapsburgs, France, Italy etc. Overall, I enjoyed this book. The pictures were breath-taking. Some were morbid because they showed pictures of the dead monarchs in their beds.

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