Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Pleasures of Love Review

My first book complete for the month is The Pleasures of Love by Jean Plaidy. It is the story of Catherine of Braganza wife of Charles II of England. I found the book was rather interesting. I ended up feeling sorry for Catherine. She is sent over to a land she is never been before and upon arriving she is disillusioned by the fact that her husband is this faithful man. She soon quickly discovers that is not. He treats her kindly but she secretly wishes he was faithful. Overall this is an interesting read. You also get to learn about Restoration England without being a dull history book. My rating is 4/5



Kathleen Hamilton said...

Great, Shannon! Glad to have you join the Autumn Reading Challenge.

DebD said...

I've come over from the Autumn Reading Challenge site. I'm so glad more people are joining us.

My hubby and I saw a movie about Charles II a few years ago. It was very good, but DEFINITELY gave you the impression that Charles spent a lot of time in bed with someone OTHER than his wife! My husband said it should have been titled "Charles II in Bed." But, the rest of the story was very interesting and learning about Catherine of Braganza was very interesting (she did seem very sad). I think I'll have to add this book to my ever-growing list as I really don't know much about that time.